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Guest Articles

Ask Presidential Candidates to Prioritize ID and HIV
Infectious Diseases Society of America

A Toolkit for Action

With the pressing need to control the pandemic, this U.S. presidential election campaign season opens unprecedented opportunities for IDSA and HIVMA members to examine differences in the candidates’ approaches to public health, health care and science and to consider what their differences will mean to critical infectious diseases and HIV responses in the short and long-term. Engaging with the candidates offers important opportunities to educate them on these issues that are important to communities across America. While IDSA and HIVMA are non-partisan organizations and do not endorse political candidates, we encourage you to participate in virtual events with candidates, contact the campaigns through their website to share your expertise and perspectives, and ask candidates or their staff questions about ID and HIV priorities. Click here to view a petition signed by over 500 members of IDSA, HIVMA, and PIDS urging all presidential candidates to prioritize responses to infectious diseases threats.

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