Staying Alive

About HIV Stops With Me

HIV Stops With Me is a multifaceted, national social-marketing campaign that aims to prevent the spread of HIV and reduce stigma associated with the disease. The campaign features real HIV positive people talking about real issues; united by their goals of ending HIV stigma, supporting linkage to care, building self-esteem and a sense of community among people living with HIV.

The campaign focuses on the personal strengths of people living with HIV and affirms their ability to display these qualities in their everyday lives to tear down the stigma associated with HIV. Each spokesmodel is committed to stopping the spread of HIV while also promoting the values of self-care and healthy living. As active members of their communities, the spokesmodels share their stories, engage in online dialogue about issues related to HIV and make public appearances.

Website visitors can engage with the spokesmodels, read about issues related to HIV/AIDS and learn about local services. The campaign is currently running throughout New York State, with spokesmodels residing in New York City, Long Island, Hudson Valley, Albany, Rochester, Syracuse/Binghamton and Buffalo.

HIV Stops With Me has been nominated for Best Advertising Campaign by GLAAD (Gay Lesbian Alliance Against Deformation) and received a Webby Award for Best Health Website. The campaign has also received Telly and Davey awards, along with a W3 and American Graphic Design award. HIV Stops With Me has been evaluated 14 times, making it one of the most well-evaluated HIV prevention campaigns.