How has your race/ethnicity informed your experience with living with HIV?

Tree's Answer

I find that this month’s question is a bit difficult to answer because the understanding of my race, ethnicity and culture is continuously evolving based on my education and experiences. My experience with HIV is continuously evolving based on the experiences that I’m having with growing and loving, and my knowledge of health. I can honestly say that my race and ethnicity played a large role in my initial access to information when first being diagnosed. I do have beliefs in the conspiracy of HIV some of which directly targets my race and ethnicity, which alters my understanding just a bit from the general population. My knowledge and understanding of HIV does not affect my treatment, however it does help to influence my perception of life and what it is that I need to survive and thrive. Overall, I think my HIV experiences and my race and ethnicity exist on two completely separate planes and ultimately my goal in balance is trying not to allow them to collide.


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