What impact, if any, do you believe this will have to people currently living (long term or short term) with HIV?

Niko's Answer

The impact I hope to transfer to people currently living with HIV whether long or short term is that HIV is treatable. HIV is only a virus I contracted to be a voice to others. In my early stages of being infected I never thought there would be a day that I would be on one pill a day from taking 32. Or that there would be a time that being infected with HIV that I could not pass the virus on through bodily fluids by being Undetectable. So I would say to a person that is newly diagnosed or long term and having difficulty with their status of being HIV positive we have hope of moving forward with this virus. Still a semi-normal life of living with HIV by only taking one pill a day. However, having an undetectable virus that cannot be passed to anyone.


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