What do you feel about smoking as it relates to HIV treatment and living with HIV?

Melinda's Answer

As a former smoker I feel that while smoking you are putting toxins and other chemicals in your body that might prevent medications from working properly. When I was a smoker I never felt healthy I would always get bronchitis or find myself short of breath. I always felt tired and believe it or not my CD4 count was lower when I smoked also. I know this because I had quit smoking for two years and I felt great, my health was great and my skin looked great as well. However, last year I started smoking again for six months and I could feel the changes immediately. I decided to stop and have been smoke free for about three months and feel great, my CD4 count is higher and I no longer feel tired. It’s bad enough that we have to take medication to stay alive we shouldn’t beat up our body with unnecessary toxins like nicotine.


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