What do you feel about smoking as it relates to HIV treatment and living with HIV?

Uriel's Answer

Smoking as it relates to HIV I feel should be taken more serious. I’m a non-smoker, because the effect tar and nicotine has on a person’s health is very harmful. Studies consistently show smoking can lead to amputation of body parts or cancers such as skin, lung, etc. Even tracheal cancer where an individual can end up with a hole in their wind pipe for the rest of their life.

Sometimes individuals may not be able to quit smoking due to the addiction even if on some level they want to quit. It’s a bit sad because there is a lot of information available to the public about the consequences of smoking and it’s not truly being taken serious. I’m aware as a person who is living with HIV I should be trying my best to keep myself healthy eat, sleep, exercise and try to keep a positive outlook on things since stress is a big no no as well. Constantly feeding one’s body with negative intakes like nicotine produce addiction and maybe sometimes we may not be aware if we are picking up other addictive behaviors that aren’t good for us. Although I’m not a supporter of smoking, I also don’t judge or discriminate against anyone that does.


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