What do you feel about smoking as it relates to HIV treatment and living with HIV?

Liza's Answer

When it comes to smoking and HIV we already know that smoking is not a healthy thing to do. It causes many health problems like emphysema, different cancers, heart disease, and it can cause problems for an unborn fetus. Having HIV and smoking can only make a person more open to many different illnesses. It forces the immune system to work overtime fighting off germs and disease. I started smoking when I was 19 years old. Two years ago I had gone seven years without smoking a cigarette. Since then began smoking again, and I am currently working on quitting again. I have been clean from drugs and alcohol for almost 18 years and I find that the nicotine has been the hardest to quit, for me, but to be the healthiest me I can be I know I must quit to stay healthy.


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