What was your experience telling the children in your life about your HIV status?

Rufina's Answer

It was on May 25, 2000 that I came home after a visit with my doctor and learned I was HIV positive. I told my boyfriend first. He said we should talk at home, so home I went. My mission was to prepare my children for the worst. I thought I was dying, so I told them, although they were too young to really understand. We learned together. Now they are proud of me. It hurt me to think I was not going to be there to protect them. Now I’m here for my grand babies. I’m content I saw them. I’m at peace being a grandparent and knowing that I will be here for many more years. I was really scared I was going to leave them without someone to protect them. My thoughts were not about me, my fears were for them. We learned together. I involved them in groups and now they too talk to their friends and Co workers about HIV.


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