What was your experience telling the children in your life about your HIV status?

Joshua's Answer

In our home; honesty, integrity, and respect is paramount. We have open lines of communication, and my HIV status is no exception, which is a great opportunity for teachable moments. Also, I’m a single parent, so my responsibility to ensure the futures of my children are secure, is all the more important. While I refrain from providing them with the details surrounding my diagnosis, I’ve taught them the basic information about the virus, how to prevent it, and encourage them to also advocate for PLWHA. They attend most of my community functions, were featured during my microfilm, and assist me with community outreach and disseminating information and materials about HIV and the HSWM Campaign. This has only further solidified our trust and love as a family unit. For those people who are struggling with the words, timing, or ramifications of disclosure: be encouraged, be bold, and most importantly, be honest. Children are resilient and quite accepting, if given the opportunity to be included and informed.


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