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Commercial 6: Octavia, Adrian, Dana, Pat, Jeffrey.
Commercial 5: Korey, Brandan, Bonnie, Uriel, Brian, Salvatore.
Commercial 4: Kim, Pat, Jackie, Charlene, Niko.
Commercial 3: Jazzelle, Leilani, La’mia, Octavia.
Commercial 2: Jahlove Charlene, Dey, Brandon, Leilani, Mars.
Commercial 1: Tyrone,Liza,Rob,Garrett,Nancy.
Black Pride Week 2018
Behind The Scenes “Nightfall”
2018 Launch
90 Days Panel
Heritage Awards 2019
Pride For Youth
2019 Launch
World Aids Day 2017
Pride After Dark 2018
Pride After Dark – HIV STOPS WITH ME / ACID BETTY / DOMINIQUE come together for a night of knowledge, pride and entertainment. Hosted by Lee Souljah
U=U AIDS Institute Expert Panel discussion
Awards Ball 2016
BTS – HIV Stops With Me music video