What responsibility do you take in becoming HIV+ and at this point of your journey how would you answer the question: Why me?

Dana's Answer

I take full, responsibility for becoming HIV positive. Way back when, I shared a syringe with a friend (at the time not knowing his status) and there was blood in the syringe. I was addicted to heroin and I needed a fix and the only heroin around was in my friend’s syringe. Years later, after testing and getting into recovery, I ran across him and found out that he was HIV positive. Where I am at in my life, right now, is that I feel it is my purpose for being here. I lived through a time when everyone was dying and I asked myself, and God, “why me”? The answer always came back to me “why not you”? I live each day trying to use what I have been given to help stop the stigma so we can help end the epidemic!


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