What do you believe are biases that exist in the way healthcare services are delivered that affect how and who utilizes treatment? How would you recommend these biases be addressed and corrected?

Melinda's Answer

I believe that there is bias in the community, it is sad that even though people are more open to admit their status they are still embarrassed when it comes to going to IDC or their primary care doctors.

I am included in this as I just went through something. Unfortunately we have all these new young people coming into the clinics becoming doctors and not knowing how to go about helping or connecting with the patients. I definitely prefer to see the same attending or doctor each time I go not only do I feel better, but it eliminates having to deal with someone that does not know my case. Sometimes a doctor may not know what medications I am taking or what I am there for (follow up or just blood work). Also each clinic is different sometimes there is a window just for IDC, and everyone stares at you when you go up to that specific window. So it is understandable when a person feels uncomfortable and does not want to go to the doctor. Then there is the medication if a person calls or picks up and the pharmacy asks what medications a person is looking for or waiting on sometimes once this is disclosed the staff person gives a look. I think there needs to be more discretion for patients that are not ready for everyone to know their status. That would be a start and also teach these healthcare providers that are new to treat and make everyone feel comfortable that would also help.


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