When people view your video diary or your microfilm, what specifically do you hope to EXPOSE them to about your life and HIV?

Liza's Answer

When people view my video diary or microfilm I want them to see how HIV does not control my life.  I want others to know that despite being HIV positive I still live a “normal” life like other people. I work, I have children, grandchildren, and people that really care about me because of my character, and not because  they  feel sorry for me.  19 years ago through my recovery from active addiction I have been able to embrace my HIV.  Today I can actually say that I love my HIV.  As you read this you might be thinking is she crazy?  This campaign has allowed me to let the world into my life and show them who I am.  I say I love my HIV because I have been able to use it as a tool to not just help myself but most importantly to help others see that just because you have HIV it is NOT the end of the world.  I am able to show and talk to others about the importance of being testing, getting into treatment, and most of all how to live life to its fullest potential.  It does not consume me, nor does it keep me up at night any more.  It’s just simply a little piece of me.  I think that today it has given me the drive to push forward and work hard at being that voice for the ones that are too afraid to speak up because of the stigma we still face in our society.  People are still afraid to even talk about the subject.  My exposure is allowing me to teach my children and grandchildren not to be afraid of what they don’t understand but to become informed for themselves and be able to inform others. I have been truly blessed by God’s grace and mercy to still be alive and well.  I just can’t live my life for myself, I have to take my experiences, my life lessons, and my blessings and pass them on.  I know that not everyone will accepted me, some may say that I deserve it. I say, HIV IS A BLESSING IN DISGUISE.  So, if you don’t understand, don’t judge, don’t belittle, ask questions, become informed and use that knowledge to help others.


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