When people view your video diary or your microfilm, what specifically do you hope to EXPOSE them to about your life and HIV?

Joshua's Answer

I hope that I expose truth and authenticity in who I am and what I stand for.  I want you to know that treatment changes everything, and that begins with how you treat yourself. When you have viewed my microfilms, I want you to feel motivated and inspired; allowing your voice to be heard and your purpose to be revealed. Our ability to transform our knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors affect everyone we are connected to. This is my purpose, and I am grateful to somehow fit into yours.  Life is a process of growth and development, from which I draw so much strength from the many of you that have helped pave my way.  These glimpses into my life only capture such a small portion of why I  live my life on purpose. HIV is not just something that I am living with; it is something that I can now live for. I live to serve and serve to live. It is so empowering, yet humbling, to have a platform to share my story in this way.  


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