When people view your video diary or your microfilm, what specifically do you hope to EXPOSE them to about your life and HIV?

Melinda's Answer

I hope that when people see my microfilm and my video they say “WOW She is a survivor….”.

I hope they see that I have overcome the stigma of being positive with a vengeance, and that I do not care who knows. I am happy, content and not embarrassed of my past. I hope people see there is life after finding out you are HIV positive and that living a “normal” life is possible. A HIV positive person can have children that are not positive, he or she can have a romantic relationship with a HIV negative person. I hope people will see I love myself and the life I live, I love being a mother and I have so much to live for. I am healthy, I take my meds,  I am undetectable, I am living proof that there is life even when you are positive. Being positive is not the end of the world…


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