What impact, if any, do you believe this will have to people currently living (long term or short term) with HIV?

Liza's Answer

As with everything related to HIV I believe that the U=U campaign will take time to catch on. I have seen from the beginning, in the early 80s to present, how lack of education has held society back from fully accepting anything that has to do with HIV. For those of us that are living with this, I think we still have to have the discussion with the ones that we are sexually active with. In order to keep ourselves healthy, we must continue to keep the lines of communication open about not just our status, but also about theirs. On the other side of the coin I also feel that this is a victory. Being undetectable has been a liberating experience for me. I no longer live my life thinking that any day now I will be ravaged by my HIV, end up in the hospital, and not be able to live my life. We have come so far from the 1980s with treatment, medications, and living life to its fullest. U=U is just one step closer I feel to maybe one day finding a cure. Most importantly U=U can also be a step closer to fighting the stigma that still exists with being HIV positive. It is our biggest demon in our journey. I was cured four years ago from Hepatitis C, and I never dreamed that would be possible. When I was diagnosed with HIV I never believed that I would still be here 24 years later. U=U is one step closer to freedom, let us use U=U so that we can truly be free from the stigma that is attached to being HIV positive.


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