What impact, if any, do you believe this will have to people currently living (long term or short term) with HIV?

Melinda's Answer

I believe that this statement is true!
As a HIV positive person who has had two kids with a non positive person that is still negative to this day says a lot. I have been undetectable for a while, I have been positive for 26 years, and one of my children is positive, this happened before I started taking medication. Once I started to adhere to taking my medication my viral load and CD4 count were good and I had another child that came out HIV negative. I believe people would take this statement not as a free pass to have unprotected sex, but as a start to feeling normal instead of like an outcast, so that they can feel accepted. We can be touched and kissed without feeling like we are contagious..It’s a start in the right direction


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