What impact, if any, do you believe this will have to people currently living (long term or short term) with HIV?

Marcus's Answer

I fully support the U=U campaign it sets the new tone in normalizing the HIV conversation and educates the public even more. This will allow new conversations to happen because the name has some energy when you say it. I think the impact on the community will be epic and powerful. It will allow communities to rebrand and interpret the U=U concept applying it to the transmission of HIV. It makes staying compliant a topic among people who are on the go and is an easy concept to explain to people. This is something that can be used all over social media especially with younger generations as long as the message remains consistent, it will be sustainable for years to come. That is where the impact will really be shown through behaviors and more POZ are staying adherent to treatment, then the public can casually talk about it without shame or discomfort.


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