What do you feel about smoking as it relates to HIV treatment and living with HIV?

Niko's Answer

Smoking when it comes to HIV Treatment is not a great mix. HIV already compromises your immune system, along with being a smoker I am sure does damage over time. I am a smoker that has given myself a date to quit for many reasons. Cigarettes are too expensive here in New York, I don’t want to be a candidate for a stroke or heart attack, I would like to be able to exercise more and not be out of breath when I do so. Smoking is a habit I wish I didn’t pick up because it is one of the hardest habits to break. With a support team that includes my new doctor, smoking sensation group therapy and my medication BuPropion I can quit (like I have done before). I just to imagine how dark my lungs will get over time by smoking; or how much better I will be able to breathe, how my taste buds will change and how much money I can save by becoming a nonsmoker is a great and healthy decision.


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