What do you feel about smoking as it relates to HIV treatment and living with HIV?

Marcus's Answer

I’m not a smoker but growing up I used to be around smokers all the time. It never bothered me much I thought of it as a normal part of society. My family is cool and laid back some of them smoke. One thing I know is smokers are committed, and prepared for all seasons.

I can say in my experience since I’ve been positive I’ve not seen the impact on my community or a major difference in the behaviors of people. I feel people understand the risks, but do it for many other reasons some start because of social influence, others because of their upbringings, and some smoke as a stress reliever. I channel my energy into other things like music, or work where I am striving to be a positive developer providing housing and business management to HIV people from around the state, and other special populations who are looking for good quality places to live or start a business for minorities.


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