Do you feel that individuals born during the baby boomer era (1946 – 1964) and even generations before are being forgotten in the fight against HIV/AIDS?

Ivy's Answer

I do feel that the baby boomers and older generations are being forgotten in the fight against HIV/AIDS. The advancements in HIV medications and the changes in the healthcare system has moved the HIV/AIDS from an epidemic to a chronic illness. As a baby boomer myself, I often wonder what health issues may arise as I age, even though I adhere to my meds. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of information available to older people living with HIV….trust me I’ve been searching the internet for studies and research on aging and HIV. ¬†When I speak with other HIV positive baby boomers they talk about the strong community that existed in the early days of the epidemic. Support groups and mentoring programs were also a major part of HIV treatment back then. Due to funding issues, those programs are gone. I think that the older generations and the baby boomers are the first group of HIV+ folks to survive long term and there’s no data to educate or prepare people for what they will face as they grow older. It is up to those of us who are positive to continue to speak up, advocate and share our experiences living and thriving with HIV in order to be seen and not forgotten.


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