Do you feel that individuals born during the baby boomer era (1946 – 1964) and even generations before are being forgotten in the fight against HIV/AIDS?

Joshua's Answer

We have done a good job with educating Baby Boomers in regard to other major concerns like Hepatitis C, however we have not done nearly enough to prevent HIV, with this or any other population. We make many assumptions and generalizations about sexual health, particularly with Baby Boomers. It could be that since they represent an aging adult, we believe that this group is educated and taking precautions to protect themselves. What we know is that Baby Boomers are one of the most at risk populations, due in part to an old mentality and obliviousness to how much the HIV landscape has changed.  This is also one of the more difficult populations to reach, because they are typically inaccessible to those of us who provide services. We have got to do better to incorporate and prioritize this population, so that they are included in effective programming, that is relevant and current.


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