Do you feel that individuals born during the baby boomer era (1946 – 1964) and even generations before are being forgotten in the fight against HIV/AIDS?

Yes, I feel individuals born in the baby boomer era are being forgotten in the fight against HIV/AIDS.  This generation of individuals has consistently been left out of concrete HIV education and prevention efforts. Unfortunately, this population as a whole, has not been considered at great risk for HIV infection. There have been seminal efforts made to address smaller segments of this larger population, however multifaceted outreach has yet to infiltrate this “next wave” population comprised of individuals subject to HIV infection.  There have been greater strides made to address Hepatitis C among this population. It was in 2012, that the CDC proclaimed their new recommendation that baby boomers be tested at least once for Hepatitis C in their efforts to curb liver disease and resulting deaths. The coordinated strategies blossoming since that declaration have increasingly helped to raise Hep C awareness, provide new educational platforms, garner access to treatment for infected individuals, and lower rates of new infections. The time is now for this type of approach to happen to address HIV and the baby boomers. As they continue to engage in sexual behaviors without fully understanding HIV and its existence among their sexual peers, I’m afraid new levels of HIV infection rates among this group will begin to surface.


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