What was your experience telling the children in your life about your HIV status?

Melinda's Answer

I felt the need to tell my son as soon as I felt he would be able to understand. My experience was a good one thank God…It has always been just me and him since his father and I split up, when he was only six weeks old. Salvatore, my golden child, is very mature. When I felt he was ready I told him and he had a lot of questions. However since we have such a good relationship it was easy. It wasn’t scary for me or him. He asked how, when,how long and if was I okay. I simply replied by answering all his questions without lying or sugarcoating anything. I didn’t want him to feel like I was any different from anyone else. I reassured him that I will always be here for him and that just because I’m sick it doesn’t mean that I’m limited in any way to living a healthy life. As he grew older and had friends I was surprised that he didn’t care about them knowing my status.  My son is my #1 supporter. It’s funny because  when I was asked to become a Spokesmodel I found myself thinking about how he was going to feel knowing that my picture was going to be everywhere. Instead of being bothered he pushed me to do it and took it upon himself to tell his friends…

My son is so supportive. He comes home sometimes with a project for a class he’s taking about HIV and asks me questions. He writes and studies the disease, so for me it was and still is a great experience


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