What was your experience telling the children in your life about your HIV status?

Marcus's Answer

For me, it has been over the past few years that I have been sharing my HIV status with young people. The first response people usually tell me is I do not look sick and it surprises them that I’m HIV positive, like there’s a certain look a person should have living with HIV.  I explain to them it’s because of my commitment to taking my medications, staying healthy, and having a positive environment that allows me to be here today. The young people that I have talked to are encouraged to keep striving and moving towards a positive goal and not letting negative vibes stand in their way to success.  

I think the appropriate time to have a talk with young adults is as soon as their sexuality is being discovered. An intelligent conversation should be explained to them  from head of household. That person should explain the risks, good, bad, and ugly of having sex. This talk will serve as the first line of defense.


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