What was your experience entering the workforce once you were diagnosed with HIV?

Karen's Answer

My experience entering the workforce was somewhat of an easy transition. I first volunteered with a community based organization that provided services to HIV positive clients and consumers. This was an advantage for me. I was able to access services that would educate me in areas such as prevention; harm reduction; awareness; self-awareness; and support. I became comfortable with myself as an HIV positive client and consumer, and I also became encouraged to speak publicly about my status which in turn motivated me to immerse myself in the field of HIV as an ADVOCATE and EDUCATOR. What I would recommend for a newly diagnosed HIV positive consumer or client is to get educated. Become involved in understanding and making decisions concerning your health care. Finally and more importantly become comfortable with REJECTION. Everyone is not going to accept your status, nor are they going to be comfortable with it and you need to be OKAY with that.



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