What was your experience entering the workforce once you were diagnosed with HIV?

I was actually unemployed when I was diagnosed with HIV, and getting that diagnosis actually gave me the motivation to go work even harder to get a job because I did not want to feel like the diagnosis was something that could slow me down. Once I landed a job I was very discreet about my status as I was working in customer service for an oil company. It was not until my health benefits kicked in that I disclosed to Human Resources (HR) that I was positive and wanted to make sure all of my services were covered. I later found out that I could have easily had my case manager at the time look into that instead of disclosing. I currently work for an HIV clinic so disclosing my status to them was a piece of cake as I am also a patient there. My advice to anyone dealing with this decision is to only disclose if you feel comfortable, and if you need any clarification about your benefits you should always go straight to the HR office as they are supposed to keep all of your information confidential. Your status is only for you to know and to tell only when you feel comfortable or when it is necessary.


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