What was your experience entering the workforce once you were diagnosed with HIV?

Melinda's Answer

When I was first diagnosed I was at a different place in my life, I was using drugs and I was not working. However, once I got myself together I went back to work . I have had different jobs and in reality I never felt comfortable expressing my status just because I feel that work is just a job and once you go home you leave your work at your job. I feel that in the workplace we should not be so open about our personal life. People tend to gossip or look at you differently especially people that do not understand our disease. In the workplace things should just be about the job in my opinion.

For someone who has just been diagnosed and is dealing with the fact that they are positive it is best to just keep it among family and close friends. One thing I suggest is if you are planning to let people know, feel them out first,  see what they think or how they see a person that is positive then take it from there. If it is something that you feel comfortable doing. Another thing is depending on the kind of job you have there are many job opportunities that are just for positive people living with HIV. This is because we can relate to and help others that are newly diagnosed.


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