If you were a congressman/congresswoman what new law would you write to address whatever you believe to be the biggest issue facing PLWHA?

Niko's Answer

If I were a Congresswoman I would fight for better affordable housing and grants for people living with HIV. Many landlords refuse to accept federal funding grants for people living with HIV/AIDS. With adequate housing and living with HIV it allows the person to be more stable in taking medication, going to medical appointments etc..it may also allow them to be hopeful by even allowing them to return to work. America is one of the richest countries to provide for people that are in need. It seems that more SRO’s ( also known as shelters )/for people living with HIV. It starts with having stable and adequate housing to better yourself as a person living with HIV/AIDS. This is one of the biggest issues for people living with HIV/AIDS at the time. Especially in New York City.


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