If you were a congressman/congresswoman what new law would you write to address whatever you believe to be the biggest issue facing PLWHA?

Brandan's Answer

Simple, Decriminalization of HIV/AIDS. In some states people are serving prison sentences for having sex with someone without first disclosing their HIV/AIDS status. I’ve even heard of an HIV positive man who served time for spitting at a police officer (AND you can’t even get HIV/AIDS from saliva!!!) I find this completely ridiculous. It’d be like locking someone up for infecting someone else with HEPATITIS C, either by accidentally or knowingly sharing dirty needles. The criminalization of spreading or infecting someone with HIV/AIDS, The criminalization of a Positive person who spreads or infects someone else with HIV/AIDS (knowingly or unknowingly), makes little to no sense to me. There are some exceptions like the man who purposely and intentionally infected almost 20+ women with HIV/AIDS and did not regret it and would do it again if he could. I would definitely work to decriminalize HIV/AIDS if I were a senator or congressman, except maybe in the example I provided above.


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