If you were a congressman/congresswoman what new law would you write to address whatever you believe to be the biggest issue facing PLWHA?

Elizabeth's Answer

If I were a Congresswoman I would create several Laws. I would address the Ending the Epidemic (E.T.E.) Amendment to end AIDS by 2020. I know I would have to push back against budget cuts, but good health is a human right and if we can have money to cure other chronic conditions, then there should be money to end AIDS as well.

There are more than 1.2 million people in the US living with HIV, and 1 in 8 of them don’t know it. I feel that is the biggest problem in ending AIDS.

I would make our lives better living with this chronic condition. I assure you that we will live longer normal lives (stigma free that is our reality) and giving peace to all of our emotions. The secret suffering will end because this secret is a burden that must be lifted off of PLWHA’s mind, body and soul. Along with others I have been trained and worked on encouraging adherence to treatment (because treatment changes everything), as well as harm reduction learning how to reduce risky behaviors.

Law 1: Helping PLWHA engage in HIV care and treatment so they can achieve viral suppression like myself and prevent new infections. I would also make it an urgency so that our generation, our nation and all people around the world would have access to medications such as PEP and PrEP. I ‘d have to start here in America by making it safer locally, and then go internationally with God’s love by my side and the love of family and friends.

Law 2: I will strongly support and advocate for women and children supportive services, share my feelings for women’s equal rights, from human rights to Social justice, and fight against any budget cuts. I will stand up for women that will allow me to. We are the Mothers of this Planet which means we and our offspring should be able to Live Happy Normal However WE CHOOSE to live… I want to do that, because it is so desperately needed for our communities.

I would achieve this by having open conversations at Town Hall Meetings with our State Legislatures, of our country and State, by speaking out loud at Women’s Summit, attending HIV Conferences, AIDS conference and learn more about this chronic aliment which in fact we need a cure for now…

I am asking every Positive Women to stand up. I have spoken at the Capitol bulling in Albany, NY, to ensure our Women are taken care of by having our voices heard on one accord, and reminding them that we have nothing to fear, except living in silence and fear itself. That will you KILL YOU before HIV ever will… I promise to stand up, speak up, act up for my sisters and my brothers that don’t know how to or are too afraid because of stigma.

LAW 3: End homelessness for all because we know housing is health care. Ending homelessness would be a solution that must take priority in saving lives. We all need a home no one should every be homeless. Hell we know housing is prevention I would pass a law to help runaway and homeless youth. I would work on ending stigma every single day of my life whatever it takes to save the life of PLWHA, and educate those misinformed about harm reduction for all people at risk…I will do this by pushing harm reduction and needle exchanges by providing a safe space.

LAW 4: I would create safe space facilities with supervised injection services to save lives. Along with my brother I would travel around the world to make sure that like Polio, HIV would be a thing of the past.

I will make America great… I would indeed! I would heal everyone, try to comfort their pain and make sure that no one will be forgotten by calling out the names of those who paved the way for us to live longer healthier lives. I would hope and pray anyone that has been touched by this ailment (infected or affected) would live to see HIV/AIDS come to an end. We would live in the world free of new HIV infections and never see AIDS again.

I can imagine myself as a congresswoman because I was once told that I could be one, by a very dear and close friend of mine. I would push the limits to save lives and end stigma, by making sure we get a cure and everyone knows their status!!! Being a congresswoman / Yo como una mujer positiva de el Cogresso de lo U..S.…. MY motto is “I live with HIV so you never have to.” Remember to live life in a positive way! This is why I care, this is why I dare, and this is why at times I will stand up and speak because we are just like you, positives are human too.

I will continue to fight EVERYDAY OF MY LIFE. We are going to be praying for peace, health around the world and for the next generation…


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